Mean Girls Walk Among Us, Pt 2

Part two of the episode – questions from listeners and a quiz on how good of a friend you are. Join Glen and Craig for more updates from prior episodes. Part 2 of 2.

Find out how to protect your daughter from mean girls.

Mailbag: Bathroom Breaks While Traveling

Andre from Norfolk, Virginia writes….

My daughter just turned six and occasionally she and I will fly to visit my mother in Chicago.  While I look for the unisex bathroom, sometime there aren’t any – is she old enough to go in the women’s bathroom by herself or should I still take her into the men’s bathroom when we are traveling?

Response:  A lot will depend on the comfort level of your daughter (and her mom).  As she gets older she (and you) will be more uncomfortable going into the men’s bathroom.  Additionally, she will want to show you that she is a big girl and can do it on her own.  On a positive note, nearly all women are very willing to lend a hand to a young girl in the restroom whether it is helping get soap or paper towels, from our experience.  A lot will depend on the location.  Airport bathrooms are generally clean and well maintained.  Think twice when going in to a bathroom at a train station or gas station.

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Online Quiz: Are You Really Best Friends?

Is your friendship 4EVA — or just until graduation day?

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Bonus:  More Travel Tips

Some more other things to consider when traveling with your girls:

Have kids pack their own bags for the trip.  This teaches them responsibility and helps them prioritize what is most important to take a long.  Of course, be sure to double check what they pack to be sure that essentials are not left behind.

When traveling long distances by car, especially when they are younger, plan to leave early (around 5:00 am) and transfer them directly into the car with their pajamas on.  They will be asleep for the first few hours of the trip and then you can change them into their clothes and heave breakfast.  It’s easier on everyone.

Go as long as you can without resorting to using video devices, save them for last two or three hours when they are likely to be most restless.  Prior to that, occupy them with coloring, games, counting cars, etc.

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