Mean Girls Walk Among Us


Are there mean girls in your daughter’s life?  Do you know if your daughter has the potential of being a mean girl?  Join Glen and Craig for this important topic, plus updates from prior episodes.  Part 1 of 2.

You are probably familiar with the 2004 film Mean Girls, the teenage comedy about just that – mean girls.

We bring this up because it is almost certain that your daughters have or will run into mean girls as they grow up.

So, what are the signs of a mean girl?

Here are some of the initial signs to watch out for thanks to an article from

  • Does she steal your daughter’s friends?
  • Does she exclude her from social events?
  • Does she stab her in the back (figuratively)?

To the extreme (when they are older)…

  • Does she spread lies and rumors about her?
  • Does she post disparaging things about her online?
  • Does she catfish her (making a fake profile online and pretend to be someone else to fool or confuse her)?

Also, recognize that these will occur at different ages in different ways.

So, if your daughter has a mean girl in her life, how can you help your daughter cope?

  • Empathize with your daughter, listen

Encourage her to…

  • Smile and Stay Strong
  • Be Confident and Assertive
  • Consider Her Response
  • Disengage from the Conversation
  • Keep an Adult Informed
  • Find Another Group of Friends
  • Focus on School

One other item on this topic, but it’s equally important, to keep your eyes open to ensure your daughter doesn’t turn into a mean girl herself.  Here are some symptoms to keep a look out for…

  • She’s demanding and controlling
  • She threatens people
  • She’s overly focused on popularity
  • She doesn’t include others
  • She shares sensitive information
  • She follows meanness with “just kidding”
  • She doesn’t listen to adults
  • She’s physically aggressive with others
  • She looks up to other mean girls
  • She’s manipulative
  • She often uses the silent treatment

While all girls exhibit some of these symptoms, it’s important to pay attention to how your daughter interacts with her friends and family members.

One piece of advice one of my daughters gave was “mean girls have mean parents.”

We want to thank Very Well and for the source material and for their very informative articles which are referenced below for your reference.

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