Reset the Insanity – Episode Guide

With the holidays on the horizon, it is a great time to join Glen and Craig for a lively discussion about the holidays, including traditions, parenting approaches and some insights to having your daughters emerge as better people after the insanity of the holidays.

Family Activity

Each drawer has a tiny slip of paper in it with a family activity ranging from baking cookies to going on a sleigh ride.  With 24 days of activities it makes the season even more fun for whole family.



What’s the Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy These Days?


Listener Poll

The adult seahorse costume: A cute sea creature or something you’d cross the street to flee from?  Give your opinion in the comment box below.

Our Best Tips

A great stocking stuffer, available now on  Audiobook version coming out in late December 2018.

Closing Number

Closing Song

Brynn Elliott

Might Not Like Me


More Music

Transition music from The Christmas Gig [Target 2010]

Podcast Production

Dads Outnumbered is produced and engineered by Experimentistics (c) 2018

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