Stay “happy” while visiting the happiest place on earth. Craig and Glen share their tips on getting the most out of a what should be a very memorable day.

When flipping through a family photo album or social media posts there is inevitably an iconic photo of the visit to an amusement park. Behind that photo of those smiling faces there was traffic, crowds, purchase decisions, exhausted kids, short tempers, etc., etc.

We’ve all had those moments when traveling with the family. Everyone will be tired at the end of the day, but the goal is to make it a good kind of tired.

Whether visiting the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal or another attraction in your area, consider these tips for making the day a memorable one for your daughters.

The Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney World Resort, for example, can be a fun experience for all ages, but your strategies and tactics will need to change based on the age of your daughters. As soon as the girls were able to walk, they are ready for the experience.

The costs can add up quickly so consider using points for a nearby hotel. While the on-park hotels are wonderful, there are also many great hotels adjacent to the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort.

There are a lot of great dining experiences in the park, but definitely bring snacks or a hand-made lunch not only to save money but to allow you to keep moving to get the most out of your day.

Avoid peak days where possible. Not only will you pay peak pricing, but the crowds will slow you down and add a dimension of frustration to your experience. Use tools such as Undercover to determine the best days to visit.

If you have the means to buy multi-day, multi-park tickets – great! If you are like most of us, you may only be able to swing a one day visit. With two parks at the Disneyland Resort and four at the Walt Disney World Resort each can take you days to fully experience. Narrow your focus, pick one and involve your girls in how they want to spend the day.

While visiting you’ll see a gift shop or a cart selling items about every ten feet. These are places where you could spend hours wandering and shopping and spending. Consider letting your girls pick out a gift early on and be done with it for the day.

Even if your girls have moved out of a stroller (under 10), consider bringing a lightweight one to store your stuff. Inevitably, their legs will wear out and they will welcome being able to ride as the day goes on.


The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Located within the Walt Disney World Resort this campground has cabins and tents for rent as well as sites for tens, campers and more. Perfect for first time campers!

The Marina at Fort Wilderness

Rentals are available for speed boats, pontoon boats and more at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Harmony Barber Shop

Located only at the Magic Kingdom this is an old fashioned barber shop but with Pixie Dust. Great for a first-ever hair cut!

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Author: David Koenig

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