Stay “happy” while visiting the happiest place on earth. Craig and Glen share their tips on getting the most out of a what should be a very memorable day.

A few years back while waiting for the family in front of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I saw a couple barking at their kids something to the extent, “with what we paid you are going to enjoy it!” I laughed at first and as in some strange way it’s fun to see other parents having a meltdown, but it also served as a reminder of what NOT to do.

The number one tip for a dad of daughters is to relax. Although one of your unofficial jobs is to keep the family on track, forgetting to enjoy the moment can add a tremendous amount of tension to what is supposed to be a magical moment.

Let the girls set the pace, it’s their day. Go at their pace. Your spouse and kids will thank you for being the laid back dad for the day.

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