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A huge milestone that all dads will face during the teenage years is teaching your daughter how to drive a car.  For your daughter, learning to drive means freedom, but it is also potentially fraught with danger.  Are you ready to guide your daughter to be a safe and defensive driver?

For this important topic, Glen and Craig bring in their first guest, Billy Lee, who is an expert on traffic safety.  His two daughters recently passed his test of confidence driving and received their driver’s license.

Tips from Mr. Lee:

  • Don’t assume they know what they are doing.
  • Instill on them the importance of the responsibility and risks of driving a car.
  • Don’t rush it.  Make sure they are comfortable driving.
  • Remain calm.  She won’t learn if you’re uptight.


Another great resource for your teen driver is AAA.  They have compiled several great resources for families of teens in their Keys2Drive program.  Check out their website for great information and resources by clicking on this link.


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